My Street Photography to be seen in 50 years time

How i got back to my street Photography

I started taking pictures in a more serious way when i went to AR.CO. School of arts back in 1983 and for 3 or 4 years i walked the streets of Lisbon always carrying my camera at that time was a Canon F1 (new) we became inseparable always with a 50 mm lens and some Tri-X kodak film most of the time. Then i started my Commercial photography and my 35mm camera was left behind. Recently i felt the need to have a camera that could go with me everywhere, i wanted to shoot in black&white with a 50 mm again and somehow get the old school film look i always liked.

So in 2015 i bought a Sigma DP2 Merrill with a lens equivalent to a 45mm/50mm and that made me go back to the streets again. There is a secret pleasure of going around taking pictures the state of alert is high and like a hunter you look to things in a different way like life is a slow motion movie almost like you know whats going to happen next.

Todays picture is all about lines and texture one of the things i love about black&white is the way it capture the texture of the materials this was taken in Vasco da Gama mall in Lisbon on a not flatter afternoon light.

© Rodrigo Cabral 2016

© Rodrigo Cabral 2016